Truck driver CE license

2500 - 3000 EUR

3000 - 3500 EUR

33 - 40 uur

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Job discription

As a Bos Logistics driver you will hit the road with a smile to deliver our airfreight at the right time to our customers. After all, you are the calling card of our company! You will travel this road with the help of your colleagues who will ensure that a tight schedule is ready every day. So you know at all times what is expected of you and what your duties for the day are.

As mentioned above, we work with the finest trucks and the latest on-board computers. The use of these computers is fully taught to you during your one-day training at the Bos Academy. This way you are well prepared and can start your first working day well informed!

We are sure you will enjoy it!


Job Requirements

A CE driving license with Code 95!

Speaking English is very useful and mandatory. We are a very diverse company and want to have a good and pleasant communication with everyone!

An ADR or willing to obtain one at our expense

Together we apply for a VGB and arrange the documentation to set up a contract for you.

Terms of employment

Besides a great new job, we also offer you a very nice salary in accordance with the CLA for professional goods transport.

In the weekends, there is a surcharge on the hourly wage. On Saturdays 150% extra and on Sundays even 200%. The surcharge for working at nights is 119%.

Of course, this comes with a nice pension plan and the associated travel costs.

You also get super nice training that you can follow in our own Bos Academy to broaden your knowledge! (Little secret: Growth is always possible at Bos!)

Besides seeing your progression in your work, you will also see the future of a permanent contract!


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